Responsible Millésimes

As a communication agency, Millésimes has a sense of corporate responsibility.

The agency’s partners decided to make this responsibility more meaningful by setting up Responsible Millésimes, a department entirely focussed on creating responsible events to benefit causes or charities.

Responsible Millésimes encourages groups of people to get involved in charitable projects by creating opportunities to come together and make things happen, whether amongst the general public or in a corporate environment.

Parties, charity gala evenings or events for the general public are all initiatives that really motivate our staff, reminding us that our business, our vocation, is above all to serve.

"Being a man is precisely about being responsible. It’s about feeling, as you place your stone, that you’re helping to build the world."
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


April 2014 – “Chefs au Grand Coeur”

Chefs au Grand Cœur
This first edition gathered more than 5O renown chefs that strove, with their restaurant, to help the charity “Les Amis de Mikhy”
Press release (in french)

film de la soirée de clôture

December 2012 – Hôtel Drouot auction house

Grande Vente pour l'Enfance (Auction for Childhood)
Exceptional event organised at the Hôtel Drouot auction house. More than €55,000 raised at auction, conducted in the presence of Denis Brogniart (French sports journalist and TV presenter).
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September 2012 – Trocadéro

video-flashmobFirst disabled sports flash mob

300 people got together to thank and congratulate the French paralympic team who competed at London 2012.
Go Sport and Malakoff Médéric.

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December 2011 – Gruss Circus



Grandes Soirées pour la Recherche (Gala Evenings for Research)

More than 4,000 people came together to raise over €150,000 for research into

Down’s Syndrome.

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December, 2010

Dec. 2010 : End of the year party – Charity event

The aim was to make the highest number of chocolate truffles in 45 minutes. Result: 16,400 truffles handed out to the homeless by the charity "La Mie de Pin" Foundation. Click on the photo to see the album